Bistrot & Bar

The consumption of meals outside home is one of the modern food trends that has become increasingly established and consolidated in recent years.

Businesses that are part of this trend must meet the highest standards: bars and bistros become welcoming places, often with visible kitchens, where people spend their time between home and work.

Count on technologies that are versatile, reliable and simple

With a growing demand in terms of quality, taste, presentation, businesses must respond by providing a wide variety of dishes including the sweet and savoury breakfast, a quick lunch and dinner where customers expect taste and flavour.

For this reason it is essential to be able to count on technologies that are versatile, reliable and simple and which at the same time offer a pleasant visible design with contained dimensions and reduced investment costs.

Sogeco for bistros and bars

The b. Chef oven by Sogeco has developed the ideal solution for operators in the bistro and bar segment.
b.Chef offers numerous advantages including:

- various types of cooking
- careful design with a focus on the possibility of "visible" use
- different control panels according to requirements
- compact sizes
- high simplicity of use
- scheduled ignition
- core probe and Delta T

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