Small businesses such as butchers, greengrocers, fishmongers and delicatessens are rapidly transforming to increase the shelf-life of products and offering culinary delicacies to their customers.

These businesses of prêt-à-porter kitchens need to cook and heat quickly and efficiently but in some cases they must also know how to prepare more complex preparations that require precision and versatility.

Perfect cooking regardless of the load

The technologies dedicated to them must therefore ensure perfect cooking regardless of the load and offer extensive versatility to be able to cook everything like roasts and vegetables, grilled products and chicken, with specific cooking systems for certain preparations.

Sogeco has developed in his nearly thirty years of experience specific solutions dedicated to those activities that are able to offer products for small-scale gastronomy.  This type of activity derives its benefits in energy saving consumption and compact dimensions.

The Cook&Chill Evolution system and the b.Chef oven are the ideal solution for the gastronomy segment


Cook&Chill Evolution

For the first time incorporates oven, blast chiller and hood, controlled by a single touch screen panel

Cook&Chill Evolution for the first time incorporates oven, blast chiller and hood, controlled by a single touch screen panel and offers:

- integrated oven, blast chiller and hood, all controlled from a single touch screen panel
- multi-level cooking
- oven and blast chiller integrated recipes
- optimisation of work times and of overall dimensions
- prolonging of the shelf-life of products
- an App dedicated to controlling of the system from any device
- constant control of humidity and air speed
- power control, including performance and energy savings
- smart cleaning system and sterilisation of the blast chiller


For quick preparations

The b.Chef range is ideal for quick preparations and offers many advantages including:

- various types of cooking
- careful design with a focus on the possibility of "visible" use
- different control panels according to requirements
- compact sizes
- high simplicity of use
- scheduled ignition
- core probe and Delta T

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