Gourmet & Restaurant

Maximum precision, efficiency and an advanced digital control system: these are the requirements of chefs who work in high level professional kitchens. The Sogeco solutions offer immediate control of the parameters during all of the more advanced methods of cooking. You can count on reliable and complete technologies thanks to which you will be able to maximise your time and the raw materials used in the kitchen.

Sogeco equips great chefs with dedicated solutions

Sogeco equips great chefs with dedicated solutions, supporting those who make excellence their objective with a particular focus on the optimisation of processes.

Cook&Chill Evolution for the Gourmet & Restaurant segment

The Cook&Chill Evolution system, which for the first time integrates oven, blast chiller and hood, represents the ideal solution for the Gourmet & Restaurant segment. The Sogeco system offers numerous advantages including:

- integrated oven, blast chiller and hood, all controlled from a single touch screen panel
- multi-level cooking
- oven and blast chiller integrated recipes
- optimisation of work times and of overall dimensions
- prolonging of the shelf-life of products
- an App dedicated to controlling of the system from any device
- constant control of humidity and air speed
- power control, including performance and energy savings
- smart cleaning system and sterilisation of the blast chiller

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