Large Organised Distribution

The technologies used in the segment of Large Organised Distribution must be able to support ongoing productions and at full load always guaranteeing certainty and standardisation of the result.

They are solutions designed to be able to operate even in the absence of personnel with a specific preparation in food and beverage.

The optimum meeting point between performance, dimensions and investment

Thanks to almost thirty years of experience in the sector Sogeco has developed solutions dedicated to Large-Scale Distribution that integrate excellent performance and maximum reliability with great ease of use: the optimum meeting point between performance, dimensions and investment.

Sogeco for Large-Scale Distribution

With the b.Chef range Sogeco has developed the ideal solution for Large-Scale Distribution operators

b.Chef offers numerous advantages including:

- various types of cooking
- careful design with a focus on the possibility of "visible" use
- different control panels according to requirements
- compact sizes
- high simplicity of use
- scheduled ignition
- core probe and Delta T

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