of Sogeco

Sogeco brings the 4.0 revolution into the kitchen. The full integration between operator, solid systems and advanced digital tools become a reality thanks to Sogeco technologies, smart solutions that improve work processes and optimize resources. Next to visionary chefs there is Sogeco.

Digital Innovation

Sogeco’s technical solutions are many, among them the synergistic integration between oven and blast chiller, managed from a single control panel and the software that optimises the cooking processes, cutting down waste with significant savings for the customer. Our ovens are intelligent technologies always connected between them, able to respond to the needs of the kitchens of the future.

Research and development

High performance, energy efficiency, brand new design: these are just some of the characteristics that make Sogeco products unique. It is the result of an intense and constant research and development activity carried out by our chef and technicians of the Gastronomy segment in our laboratories and production plants in the Province of Vicenza.

Mechanical Reliability

In Sogeco ovens, digital innovation integrates with a great mechanical reliability. This has been demonstrated in thirty years of service alongside professional Chefs and inside kitchens with very intense work rhythms that require resistant and durable technologies.

360° of know-how

The entire cycle of development, design and production is carried out internally, from the initial concept to the final testing: this allows Sogeco’s Team to reach a clear perception of client needs, in-depth knowledge of the product in all its aspects and maximum efficiency in technical services.

Made in Italy

For our partners, that appreciate the value and reliability of Sogeco ovens every day, “Made in Italy” is tangible, is real: it is the quality of the components we use, made by trusted suppliers and produced exclusively in Italy.

Internationally Oriented

The production and commercial organisation of IK Interklimat S.p.A. makes Sogeco reachable and appreciated in kitchens all over the world, thanks to a capillary distribution and an intense network assistance.

For those who want to bring in the kitchen the maximum expression of Italian technology and design, Sogeco is the answer.