For the first time IK Interklimat presents itself in the sector of professional ovens with the first convection oven called “Cokito”.


A part of the development team originally responsible for the “Cokito” project establishes Sogeco, a company with its focus in the sector of professional ovens for the gastronomy segment. The company makes its debut in the market with the LN series, first range of ovens to be identified with the new brand.


As a result of the rapid growth of the company, Sogeco increases its technical and commercial department, and for the first time the Sogeco products are developed with a particular attention to the design aspects, an innovation that is very well received by the reference market.


The COMBI MX lines, direct steam ovens, and COMBI MXB, technologies with steam generator are created.


Launch of the MDS and MBS series, products that embody to perfection the concept of “Italian style” in the sector of professional ovens: solutions with great aesthetic impact that contain a highly evolved technological heart. A successful duplicity that has been demonstrated by the outstanding feedback obtained by these new lines.


The Black Diamond series is presented on the occasion of HOST in Milan. It is the essence of the know-how developed over the years by Sogeco. Black Diamond is a totally new oven whose design sets itself apart with its prevalence of
glass on steel as well as for its innovative LED lighting: extremely elegant solutions for a product made to be admired in modern “open” kitchens. The innovations are not merely exterior: static relays for energy saving, inverter for a better control of the ventilation and many other technical-functional characteristics make Black Diamond the flagship product of Sogeco.


Sogeco brand becomes part of the family IK Interklimat S.p.A.: research and development, production and sales department return to the historical head offices in Cassola (VI) and Milan. Thanks to the vision and the solid organisation by being a part of IK Interklimat, Sogeco can compete with leaders of the sector in the global scenario by offering solutions with technical and quality characteristics comparable with the highest standards available in the market at a competitive price and with a flexibility and customisation that more structured companies are not able to ensure.